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What Facebook's Analytics for Apps Announcements at F8 mean for you

Thought I’d share some thoughts on what was announced by Facebook yesterday at F8 and how we view it at Appnique

  • Advertising attribution – this enables you to attribute campaigns from other networks in addition to FB – it is in closed Beta and unlikely if other large networks will integrate with FB. It is going to be free of cost. Existing MMPs like Kochava etc. will continue to be supported. My guess is that large networks will not join for a while and large publishers will continue to use an independent attribution provider potentially in addition to Facebook.
  • Analytics for apps improvements

o   App events – FB released the ability to build custom audiences based on the purchase value for IAPs – other capabilities they covered were already part of the SDK – you can already log pre-purchase events as well as purchase values in FB. This additional capability exposed a UI layer to create custom audiences whom you can then re-target with additional offers or use as a seed for a lookalike audience.

o   Time based cohorting – this is probably the most useful and new development in the Analytics for apps product. We had passed this on as a feature request multiple times. Several folks used third party MMPs just so they could do time based cohorting. Now with the ability to do this analysis within the analytics for apps UI, it opens up the ability for us to be able to analyze the effect of app updates and other changes to targeting on user retention.


  • Cross-device attribution – this allows you to understand multi-touch conversion activities that might happen across multiple devices – for example, view ad on device A, complete booking/purchase on device B. This capability was already available through the use of conversion pixels but has been better integrated and packaged.
  • App Insights – another new capability that was highlighted yesterday was the ability to understand more about the users who use your app based on what FB knows about them – to the already available demographic info, they have now added dimensions like device type and language. You can also look at how this varies by acquisition source which is a new feature. This will allow us to further refine targeting – for example, if most purchasers use high-end phones, we can refine the targeting of the campaigns we run to incorporate this insight.

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