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On-Demand Webinar: Acquire & Retain High Value Users In Today's Mature App Economy

Posted by Nick Martin

31 May 2017

How to acquire and retain high value users at scale using an affinity based approach to acquisition and retention. Contact us to get started increasing your ROAS at scale. 

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For many app marketers shifting their focus from CPI to ROI, the change hasn't been easy. Competition for high value users is accelerating and app marketers are spending long hours trying to find incremental scale without taking a shot to their ROI.  

Watch the on-demand webinar below to learn: 

  •  What's driving competition among app marketers
  •  How to scale your acquisition and improve ROI
  •  How affinity targeting can improve post-install engagement


Get started 

We believe that an affinity-based approach is the key to acquiring high value users at scale. To get you started, we are offering to build your audiences for 90 days at no additional charge using Appnique's affinity-based targeting technology


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