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Using appnique before, during and after you launch to improve your app rank

appnique provides several key benefits before, during and after the launch of an application.

Before the launch of your app, appnique:

  • Allows you to select powerful keywords that can provide discoverability and ranking benefits for your app when incorporated into your app title, keyword list (iTunes only) and description.
  • Enables you to discover who your competition is.
  • Allows you to understand your competition and what they may be doing to improve their app store SEO, ranking and downloads of their apps.
  • Enables you to create effective app titles and descriptions that can both increase rank and drive downloads of your app.

Plus – you can do all this even before or while you start developing your app!

During the launch of your app, appnique:

  • Allows you to quickly understand what parts of your app store SEO strategy is working and what isn’t.
  • See how your app is ranked against other competitors on your radar and how that rank changes over time and in response to other outbound marketing efforts such as paid advertising that you and your competitors may employ.
  • Quickly identify problem areas that users may be complaining about that are impacting your rank and download volume.
  • Understand how your average rating is changing over time – this is one of the most important factors (besides keywords) that can influence your apps discoverability.

 After the launch of your app, appnique helps you:

  • Stay on top of your competition and be notified when they launch new versions of their apps.
  • Understand how competitive changes may be affecting your rank or discoverability.
  • Notifies you when app stores make one of their frequent changes to the algorithms that they use to rank your app.
  • Provide you with the necessary information to tune or adjust your keywords when you make updates and re-launch your app.
  • Discover when competitors respond to your new app or to other marketplace changes – understand what features they have launched and plan your response. Maybe it's time to update, or do a new version?

As you can see, appnique provides affordable and valuable insights before, during and after the launch of your app! 

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