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Tips for effective app install campaigns from the “Boz”--Facebook’s head of advertising

When Andrew Bosworth (or “Boz” as he’s known on the Facebook campus) speaks, app marketers listen. And if they’re smart, they act on the sage advice from Facebook’s VP of advertising and business.


In a recent article, adweek reported Bosworth’s praise of brands who are taking a forward-thinking approach to audience targeting and creative. The Facebook leader acknowledged that personalization and targeting advances in the Facebook ad platform would only get advertisers so far, stating:

“At the end of the day, our ability to drive results is only as good as the creative we get and only as good as the audience we're given to target.”

So how can app marketers improve both their creative and pinpoint the right audiences to target?

Savvy marketers know of course that campaigns are most successful when ad creative is tailored to audiences--and the more tailored, the better the results.

Boz, after a recent panel discussion at CES, cited Sony Pictures campaign strategy for promoting the thriller “The Shadows”, where the company produced ads tailored to carefully created teen, horror enthusiast, surfing fan and adult audiences.

He commented, “I think what you heard from Sony is that instead of just trying one true creative [marketers] should be trying lots of creative and lots of different things, with lots of different audiences.”

As any direct marketer worth their salt knows, the old saying of “List, offer, creative.”, still holds true in today’s digital age. Before you can come up with the right offer, and tailor your creative, you need to hone in on your audience segments.

Finding the right precise interest targets

If you’ve done much advertising on Facebook you probably understand the power of the ad platform’s precise interest targeting feature. What you may not be aware of however, is the vast number of interests available--hundreds of thousands, or even possibly, millions.

Appnique screenshot in desktop monitor.png

With all of those precise interest targets out there, how do you go about finding the appropriate ones for your app? Here’s where Appnique can help. Our Intelligent Targeting Technology uses patent-pending algorithms to uncover a volume of precise interests relevant for your app, or to competitive or related apps.

We do this with smart technology that mines a range of unstructured data sources to find both obvious and hidden affinities, all without the need for IDFAs or other personalized data elements. Learn more about how this works.

Once you have discovered the precise interests that make sense for your app, you can create meaningful segments, and layer on demographic targeting like region, gender and age to create precise audiences.

One great benefit with using the Appnique platform is our ability to quickly discover non-obvious interests for you to target and scale your campaigns. For example, if you’re marketing a slot machine gaming app, our tool may uncover that the same users that love your type of app, also use and review financial management apps. With that insight you could create an audience segment targeting precise interests in financial management, with creative on the theme of injecting a few minutes of fun into each day.

If you need more help in following the Boz's advice in improving your audience targeting and creative strategy, please check out the related resources below, or contact us to see how we can help you act on his advice.

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