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Three simple steps to drive app downloads using App Store SEO

One of the challenges of App Store SEO is knowing that the optimizations you made resulted in increased downloads – and hopefully, loyal users.  

Remember that SEO isn’t static; your competitors are probably updating it regularly.  You should review yours every time you’re going to submit an update for your app, or every time one of your competitors changes their app description or keywords.  

Here are some quick tips on how to track your ASO and improve it over time.

  1. Run an analysis in our tool and make your keyword updates.
  2. Make sure to register your app store credentials with us.  Our new integrated dashboard brings in download data from iTunes and Google Play and will allow you to track changes over time.
  3. Then, review the download volume by day and look at the average over a 7 day period before and after your most recent keyword update.  If you’re also buying ads to promote your app, no problem! Just remember to subtract the number of paid downloads you acquired from the daily download volume before you do your analysis.

If there is a difference in download volume, and if your app is ranked against those keywords, then you did it – it worked!

Also remember to review your engagement metrics  – we’ll have more to say about this later, but the short version is that you want to make sure the new organic users you are attracting are just as engaged if not more than before your App Store SEO update.

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