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Stay on top of your competitor app ranking and keyword changes

This is a quick update on a new feature we've just rolled out.

We consistently get positive feedback about our real-time alerts, the emails that let you know when you've received a one or two star review, or if your competitors have changed their price, version or app description.  

One thing you may have wondered is how you find out when a competitor adds or removes a keyword that you may be using. Or, what happens if a change to the app store search algorithm makes your app either rank or not rank against a particular keyword. Wonder no more!

We've recently added a new alert that takes the guesswork out of this process: you will now know when one of your keywords is added or removed by a competitor, or if your app starts/stops being ranked for a keyword you are tracking.


These alerts are now live, and you will start receiving them when keywords you're tracking change status.

More new and improved functionality is on the way, so stay tuned!

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