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New eBook: Moving beyond Facebook lookalikes--How to achieve scale and quality for app install campaigns with precise interest targeting

If you've had some success with Facebook lookalike audiences, but just can't get the scale you need to meet your UA goals, our latest eBook is a must read.

We hear time and time again from app marketers who love the quality they get from using lookalike audiences, but are frustrated when the performance of these segments either drops off, or dies completely.

To help, we've put together an eBook that outlines how you can move beyond lookalikes and really leverage precise interest targeting to drive new high-quality users.

Appnique moving beyond lookalikes eBook cover.png

Now, some of you may have dabbled with interest targeting with less than stellar results. If so, then this eBook is definitely written for you, and covers:

  • Tools you can use to uncover precise interests with high affinity for your app
  • How to save many hours of manual audience research, and weeks of trial and error
  • Why you can't just rely on lookalikes to get you to the 'promised land'
  • How precise interest targeting can be used to drive quality users at all stages of your app's lifecycle

We're really excited to share our latest resource with you, and hope it gives you the information you need to go beyond lookalikes and add another high-performance targeting option to your app install campaigns.

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