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New eBook - How to Scale Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns With Smart Keyword Discovery

We're really excited to launch our latest eBook written to help app marketers quickly scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns, and take advantage of the ad platform's excellent performance.

We've seen firsthand how the new Apple ad platform can drive thousands of installs at very cost-effective CPIs. A fact that other app marketers have also experienced.


Singular reported in Nov. 2016 that CPIs for Apple Search Ads average $1.31, versus $8.63 for search engines like Google and Bing, and $5.84 for app install ads on social platforms. You can get details as to why this is the case by reading the eBook.

Why now is the time to master Apple Search Ads

As more marketers jump into Apple Search Ads and competition increases, CPIs will rise.  But even with increased cost per tap, we still believe that this new acquisition channel will be an efficient source of new installs for savvy app marketers, who learn to make the most of the platform.

Apple Search Ads eBook cover.png

To that end, our eBook gives you some practical advice on the most important aspect of managing your Apple Search Ads campaigns--finding enough relevant keywords. You'll learn:

  • The pros and cons of Apple's keyword tools
  • How to use third-party keyword discovery platforms to drive volume
  • Best practices for executing high-performance Apple Search Ads campaigns

So whether you've already experimented with Apple Search Ads, or you're about to get started, we think our latest eBook will give you some great tips on how to get the most scale and efficiency from this exciting new channel.

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