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Nailing ad creative and app store content - tips for killer Facebook app install campaigns part two

Really mastering Facebook app install campaigns can be tough, especially if you’re new to Facebook’s ad platform. That’s why we distilled some tips from our Facebook app marketing experts into our recent eBook and series of posts.

In the first part of this three-part blog series we looked at how to hone in on the right target for your app install campaign. Now it’s time to share some tips on producing ad creative that generates clicks and app store content that converts viewers to users.

Best practices for great ad creative

Facebook offers a number of different ad formats for all install campaigns including Canvas, video, carousel format and dynamic ads.


This ad does a great job of getting across the apps core value proposition

There are some basic rules that apply regardless of the type of ad unit you choose:

  • Be relevant -- choose copy and visual elements that are specific to the target audience segments that you’ve created. As we discussed in part one of this series, Facebook gives you great targeting options--age, gender, location, interest, behavior etc.--so there’s no excuse not to tailor your ad elements to closely match your chosen segments.
  • Be clear - make it crystal clear what your app does and what it’s going to do for someone (your value proposition). You don’t have many characters to play with to get the job done, so don’t waste them with jingles or marketing speak.
  • Keep testing - have a test strategy that includes testing multiple ad creatives and ad unit types. Constantly cycle in new ads and weed out poor performers as you measure results.

Be smart about bidding

Facebook offers a few different bidding options for app install campaigns. You need to have the Facebook SDK install for your app to take advantage of all of the choices. Facebook recently added the option to optimize ad delivery for specific in-app events as well as for app installs, giving you the opportunity to run campaigns to increase engagement, revenue and retention.

For app install campaigns you’ll want to choose Optimized CPM or CPA (Cost Per Action) as your bidding strategy.

Get the scoop on the pros and cons for each bidding method in our eBook “8 Must-Have technologies for Killer Facebook App Install Campaigns”.

Tips for awesome app store content

With your great ad creative and canny bidding strategy you’ve got someone to click on one of your ads. Now it’s up to your app store content to convert that visitor into a user.



This app’s listing page reinforces the value proposition from the ad with clear messaging and visuals

In your ad you told the user in clear language what your app would do for them. Now your app store content should reinforce and elaborate on that message both in copy and visuals. Here’s a few tips to get you on the road to awesome app store content:

  • Make the most of your screenshots - you have a limited number of screen shots so make sure you don’t waste them on flashy splash screens. Be sure to show the key functionality of your app and give your prospective users a feel for what they’ll be getting.
  • Take advantage of video - use video where possible to preview your app’s functionality and to tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Front load your copy - you’ve got a few seconds to convince someone to download your app or investigate further, so put your most important messages up front in your app description or other copy elements like “what’s new”.  

In the final installment of this blog post series, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to measure, analyze and optimize your app install campaign and how you can scale up your success.

Can’t wait? Download our eBook “8 Must-Have technologies for Killer Facebook App Install Campaigns” and get a head start.


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