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May 2015 Newsletter

Appnique Provides Customizable Email Notifications

Whether you’re an app development company with a smaller employee footprint or a larger organization with many individuals running different aspects of the business, it’s an ongoing challenge to balance all of the tasks required to make your app successful. Development, marketing, customer interaction, and product support all need your attention to drive the product forward. One way that Appnique can help you manage part of the load is through our customizable email notifications.


Our email notification option provides an easy way to receive information about your important app marketing statistics. You decide which stats are most important to you and Appnique tracks the stats and sends you an email whenever something important happens with them.

An example of a common stat that our customers have found valuable is the competitor change notification. Most apps have competitors and tracking those competitors is critical to the success of your own application. Most companies don’t have time to visit a competitor's app download page every day, but it would be really useful to know when they release changes to their app. That’s a stat we’ll track and if you choose it, we’ll send you information when the change happens and provide information about what change was made.

For our UA customers, we also offer notifications about events within your campaigns. We track the standard stats and then we run daily cross-signal analyses on those stats to see how they’re interacting. Are campaigns moving in expected patterns with and against each other or is the pattern being disrupted? These indicators provide a heads-up that there’s good news in the stats or an indicator that some part of the campaign should be examined further. The configurable Notifications Settings allow you to choose the analyses and change thresholds that trigger an email.


Having important information delivered to your Inbox keeps you informed when time is a precious commodity. To access the full range of customizable email notifications, log in to your Appnique account and choose Notification Settings from the pulldown menu by your name in the upper right corner of the screen.


Facebook Overlap Targeting gives you improved precision

Facebook has started to roll out a new feature across their system, Overlap Targeting.  This is a better way to define an audience and allows you to be more precise in your ad's reach.  It is available in many accounts now, and will become more widely available as their roll-out continues

OR Targeting vs. AND Targeting

What advantage does this new feature give you?

When you use interest targeting on Facebook, you pick a set of interests that define the target audience.  As you add more interests to the list, the total audience grows larger.  If you remember your math, this is "or" logic.

Let's review "or" targeting quickly.  For example, assume you were targeting ads for a chain of diners.  You decide to start with people who like bacon (this is a real interest on Facebook!)  When you type "bacon" into Power Editor, the size of the audience in the US is pretty big: 30,129,500 people. 

However, once you actually click on this audience and Facebook figures in some additional information, the total is smaller - 14,000,000. 



Still pretty good.  So let's add eggs.




Once you've clicked this and added it, the total audience size grows a bit, to 17,000,00:




There's obviously more you would do, such as picking a region, demographic, etc., but it illustrates the point - each interest you add makes the audience bigger.  In other words, the ad will be shown to people who like bacon OR people who like eggs

"And" targeting narrows the audience by showing the ad to only the group of people who have liked bacon AND eggs - a much smaller, more focused target.  It's easy to use, let's take a look at it.

Here's the new Edit Audience panel in Power Editor:



I've highlighted the updated section.  If we add "bacon" it looks similar, with one new button, "Add New".




If you wanted the same type of targeting as before, you would add "egg" to the same section as "bacon".  Instead, click the "Add New" button and add it there:




Then check out the total audience size:




So "And" targeting works like a Venn diagram of the two audiences, where you only target the overlap of the two groups:




So that's a quick explanation of "overlap" targeting - you are targeting the customers who like bacon AND eggs.  It allows you to focus on a more specific audience.


Pro tip: Check the drop-down options.  You can also exclude an overlap audience - targeting people who like bacon but NOT eggs.


Appnique Leadership Spotlight

CTO Aloke Gupta speaks on finding net new users with Appnique.

Bio:  Aloke Gupta is an analytics and business intelligence guru who came to Appnique from Hewlett Packard, where he built and led the Analytics Team for tracking and growing a 100M+ business. Over his 2 decade career with HP, he incubated numerous initiatives and grew teams from the ground up in the areas of custom publishing, machine learning and data warehousing. Aloke has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

App publishers face the tough challenge of being discovered from amongst the 3M+ app titles that now compete for user attention. Appnique has deployed algorithms that sift through massive amounts of data from the Apple and Google Play app stores to guide your campaigns. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms aid you in identifying incremental audiences on the Facebook platform. These patent-pending algorithms examine app store data including reviews, keyword trends, install affinities and brand affinities to build a set of interests, the potential reach, and a prediction of the expected cost per install.

The Appnique approach may be summarized in the following three steps

  1. Appnique's machine learning algorithms identify a ranked list of interests that are candidates for targeting your app
  2. The Appnique audience builder is used to build collections of interests, and to examine the incremental audiences. This analysis will also generate a prediction of the expected cost per install to help with estimations.
  3. A/B test your creatives against the audiences identified above to identify the optimal targeting and run your campaign(s).

Here is an example that illustrates the process of identifying additional audiences for an app that is aimed at users interested in Fast Food. The publisher has built a Custom Audience with a size of 1.7M users and has run campaigns with an average CPI of $1.70. 

Appnique's analysis of the app store for this app identified several audience segments, two of which are shown below as 'Snack Food' and 'Soda'. As shown in the snapshot from Appnique's Audience Builder tool, each of these has a strong affinity with the publisher's custom audience, but also adds additional new users for targeting. In this example, the target 'Snack Foods' adds 0.6M additional users for a projected CPI of $1.46 and the target 'Soda' adds another 0.19M users for a projected CPI of $1.40.


In addition to the machine-learning assistance that Appnique offers during campaign launch, we have built tools to help you track campaign performance and to optimize your UA activites to reach new audiences at competitive prices. We shall continue to evolve our algorithms to assist you.


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