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Life in the Mobile App Marketing Fast Lane – Our Thoughts On The Fiksu Acquisition

The mobile marketing ecosystem has and will continue to evolve at a rapid rate, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of Fiksu by Noosphere Ventures. Fiksu has leveraged Appnique’s intelligent targeting technology since 2015 for many of its customers, and our managed services team works with both the Fiksu and Appnique platforms to optimize our clients’ mobile app acquisition campaigns.

Given this history, it’s no wonder that the recent announcement has raised a lot of questions from our customers and other app marketers that use Fiksu to acquire high-value users.

To help answer these questions we think it’s important to tell some of the back story about Fiksu and Appnique and explain the differences between each company’s approach to audience targeting.

Fiksu was an early pioneer in developing a solution that empowered app marketers to reach a highly-targeted audience across ad platforms.  Despite some recent stories that report that Fiksu is all about incentivized installs, Fiksu strongly advocated:
  • Using algorithms to select between networks based on ROI goals
  • Focusing on user loyalty as a goal as opposed to just the install
  • The importance of device ID data as a way to empower marketers

Both Appnique and Fiksu believed that targeting audiences based on data affinity points could drive the very best LTV for our customers, but when we began building our technology 4+ years ago, we took a different approach to finding those affinities. Our solution is now a complementary to Fiksu’s platform and is used by both companies to help top app marketers such as Zillow and CareZone meet their campaign goals.


Here’s how Appnique’s approach differs from and complements Fiksu’s device id-centric methodology:

  • Appnique’s technology mines unstructured data sources such app stores, social media platforms and the web to uncover hidden user affinity signals, maps those affinities to keywords and then to factors that Facebook and other ad platforms can understand.
  • By mining these dynamic and expanding data sources Appnique helps advertisers constantly find more of their best targets and scale their audience to a size not achievable by relying solely on device ids.
  • Appnique’s approach also helps advertisers get up and running quickly without the need for systems integration or sharing customer data.
  • Unlike the ‘black box’ approach to traditional lookalike audience builders, the Appnique platform give marketers the power to decide which affinities and data sources to use to build their ideal audience by providing transparent access to results returned by each algorithm.
Recent studies by Fiksu and others that show downward pressure on LTV, increased competition for eyeballs and rising acquisition costs underline the importance of making quality the cornerstone of any app user acquisition strategy.  

Regardless of transitions in the app marketing vendor landscape, it’s good to know that marketers have a choice of smart, transparent buying tools to help them find more high-value users in a cost-efficient manner.

If you have questions on how Appnique can help you continue to find more of your best targets and make the most of your ad spend, please contact us for a free consultation.

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