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June 2015 Newletter

Appnique Webinar:  Leveling the playing field between the marketer and the mobile social platform

Ever feel frustrated that you just don't have a chance at being as succesful as you could be when marketing your application?  Do you feel like the mobile social platforms hold all of the cards?  Advertisers need a way of leveling the playing field.  Appnique has a proven track record of helping their customers figure out how to improve their marketing metrics and continue to learn with the advertising platforms such as Facebook.

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Kim Carlson joins Appnique as the new VP of Revenue

kim_carlsonAppnique is thrilled to have Kim Carlson join the company as she brings an enormous amount of skill and expertise to the team.  As a 20 year veteran in the advertising industry, her career spans multi-platform advertising experience, including television, online and mobile marketing expertise.  Kim came to Appnique from InMobi, where she developed and managed the first performance sales team in North America and from Taptica, where she was Chief Revenue Officer.  In both cases, Kim was instrumental in hiring and managing sales teams from the ground up.  Kim’s knowledge and passion for marketing tech is already having a measurable impact in improving campaign performance for our customers. 

Kim’s view on the Evolution of Advertising

The evolution of advertising has taken a long and winding road to bring us to the age of ultimate accountability and transparency.  In the 1970’s, TV was king and Nielsen was reporting on which people watch which shows.  Buying advertising, was as easy as 1,2,3.  1. Know who your customer is, 2. Buy time in the shows that Nielsen said met your demographic match, 3. See reports (the next day) on how many people, in the demographic profile, watched the show that you chose to buy.  Boy have times changed.

Flash forward to the age of instant understanding and cross-platform exposure.  How does a marketer keep up?  On the one hand, the available outlets for your advertising message are infinite, however, the media channel ultimately holds a great advantage over the marketer.  They have data and algorithmic advantages that the marketer only gets a small piece of.  Advertisers who spend their marketing dollars on any digital platform feed instantaneous results into the big data collections of these media partners.

Marketing in the 21st century is about delivering the right message to the right user at the right time.  Targeting a pre-determined audience, based on content alone is an archaic way to buy advertising.  No more program lists, site lists, genre lists, etc.  People are inherently unpredictable and their interests can change in an instant.

My passion for helping my customers led me to Appnique as they are the next generation of user analytics on mobile.  Appnique has 2+ years of app store data, social media engagement content (likes, mentions, #’s) and app affinity data to help marketers find those interested users.  Our patent pending machine learning technology offers alerts and predictive technology based on real user behavior, that can help a marketer identify which user has the highest purchase intent for their product.    If we equip the marketer with real-time mobile ecosystem data, they’ll be able to better predict which users will download their app or buy their product.


SnapOne Case Study

SnapOne heads into the B2C market and expands their reach into Mexico while reducing their overall CPI costs and substantially increasing their app install rate.

SnapOne provides personal, family and digital life security.  With an affordable application that helps you protect your family and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve, the SnapOne FamilySafe application has the most complete set of tools for protecting your loved ones. From making sure your children get to school safely, to being certain they aren't distracted behind the wheel, they give you the features that fit your family's go-anywhere, do-anything lifestyle.




Appnique was able to help us expand our global reach with our FamilySafe application as well as accelerate our push into the direct-to-consumer market.  Their powerful targeting methods and managed services enabled us to achieve our marketing goals quickly.


Michael Subhan

VP, Marketing at SnapOne, Inc



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