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How to decide if your app idea is worth building with pre-launch analysis

How many times have you had an idea for an app and wondered if its worth building and launching? If you're like me, it happens all the time!

The first question that comes to mind is - is there someone else out there doing the exact same thing? If so, how are they doing? How are their apps rated? How popular are the apps? What are they doing to drive discoverability? Which of those ideas can I borrow or steal? Appnique can help you research the competition and get a handle on whether you should move forward with your app idea.

One of Appnique's exclusive features is the ability to do something called pre-launch analysis of an app.


Here are some simple steps to use Appnique to do a when creating your profile:

  1. Select the Pre-launch Analysis option
  2. Enter your planned app title, short description of the app - remember to include plenty of descriptive keywords
  3. Add your target keywords
  4. If you know the names of your potential competitors, find them and add them to the list
  5. Use Appnique's suggested competitors feature to uncover other competitors you may not know about. Appnique's suggested competitor algorithm analyzes the app store descriptions of every app in the store and dynamically compares your app's key attributes with those of the other apps in the store to uncover potential competitors
  6. Complete the keyword analysis and then view reports

When reviewing the reports produced by the tool, here are some helpful hints for where you will find the answers to your most pressing questions:

  1. The list of suggested competitors provided by Appnique - sorted by the number of reviews - should provide you powerful and unique guidance on your main potential competition
  2. The Ratings and Reviews report should tell you how well users receive your potential competitor's apps - apps with an average rating of 3 or more stars should tell you that your competitors apps are healthy
  3. The Keyword Analysis report should tell you what merchandising and app store SEO tricks your potential competitors are using to drive organic downloads of their apps.

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