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Getting Started with Appnique: Move your app up the ranks with app store SEO

This post offers a quick introduction to Appnique, featuring our recently updated user interface. 

After you sign in, be sure to look for guidance throughout the product, especially in the right hand nav section of the Reports. Appnique now gives you deeper insight into what the reports mean, and what you should do with the data presented about your app. 

Onboarding an app using the wizard

In order to bring an app into Appnique, you must first use the Add an App wizard. It will guide you through the onboarding process.  


Add your target keywords

If your app is offered in iTunes, put in your iTunes keyword list. If you offer your app in Google Play, then input your target keyword list. If you don’t know what keywords to use, put in some words or phrases that describe your target audience, or that match what you think people would enter when searching for your app.



Identify your competitors

First, enter the competitors that you know about. Appnique uses your competitors to come up with additional keyword ideas. Pick competitors who are very successful, or at least more successful than you are. 


After you enter a few competitors, go to Add Suggested Competitors. Appnique uncovers and recommends additional competitors who might be a good source of great keyword ideas. Add the ones you would like to emulate or learn from.


Select your keywords

Appnique displays two lists of keywords:

  • Suggested keywords which may include some or all of those that you originally entered.
  • Keywords you have already entered into Appnique.

Keywords are displayed in order from most important (from a discoverability perspective) to least important. The number of keyword suggestions will depend on which plan you have signed up for.



If you like a suggestion on the keyword suggestion list, simply drag it down into the list of Your Keywords. If you want to remove a keyword, simply click the “X” next to it.

Once you are satisfied, hit “Save and View Reports".

You will be taken to the Reports tab.


You can also see your app in the Dashboard, along with other apps you have brought into Appnique. The number of apps you can track is based on your level. 

From the Dashboard, you can View Reports, or you can View Details.

View Details takes you to the App SEO section of Appnique where you can edit your competitors and keyword selection.

NOTE: If you haven’t completed the on-boarding process, you will be taken back into the wizard, until you have completed all the steps. After you have completed the steps, you can edit your keywords and competitors via the App SEO tab. 


Next step is to go into the Reports tab, where you will find the following reports:

  • App Summary
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Download Data
  • Competitor Stats

App Summary

You will see the following info in the App Summary:

  • Keyword Rank History -  a one month snapshot of how your app is ranked for keywords in your list.

  • Total Rating -  breakdown on how many 5,4,3,2, and 1-star ratings you received on your app from launch.

  • Review Volume - a one month snapshot on the number of reviews your app received.

  • Installs - Shows your app installs. (You must connect your developer account to see installs.)

  • Sessions - Number of sessions per day. (You must connect your Flurry account to see Sessions.)

  • Active Users - Number of active users per day. (You must connect your Flurry account to see Active Users.)



Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking shows how your app and your competitor(s)' apps rank for the keywords you added to your list when creating your app profile. Use this report to see how discoverable your app is relative to your competitors.

If your app is not ranked for the target keywords you added to your list but your competitors are, this may indicate a missed opportunity.


Be sure to look  in the right hand nav in the product for more specifics on how to act on this Keyword Ranking information.  

Ratings & Reviews

Use these reports to monitor and analyze how you're app is doing over time.

See the detailed information in the product to understand more about what these charts mean, and what to do, including:

  • Average rating and the number of reviews by day.

  • Breakdown of ratings that your app has received in total over time.

  • Average daily rating your app receives in comparison to your competitors.



Connect to your Developer Accounts

It's most important to connect your app store developer accounts to Appnique.

Connecting your accounts will give you inisight into how your downloads are impacted by both organic app store SEO, as well as paid ad campaigns you may run with us to acquire more high-quality users.

Additionally, you can also better understand the impact of various changes to your user engagement and retention if you link your Flurry account to Appnique.

By connecting your developer account, you can track your app download data.

Also, if you are using the Flurry SDK to track in-app metrics, connect your Flurry developer account, so you can monitor post-install KPIs, such as number of active sessions and user app engagement, all from our unified app marketing dashboard.

Update your App Store Keywords

Once you have your new keyword list from Appnique, be sure to go back into your iTunes Connect Account and ensure your list is 100 characters long. Replace your keyword list in the iTunes Connect portal with the new keyword list. If you are planning a new release of your app, you may want to wait until your app is ready to submit before making a keyword change, since Apple reviews all keyword changes as part of your submission.

Stay tuned for more advice on this topic soon, including how to best submit new keyword ideas for Google Play.

We hope you enjoy our new UX. Check back often to see what’s new in the product, as we are quickly adding in new features over the coming weeks and months to help you better market your app.

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