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Get a grip on your audience - tips for killer Facebook app install campaigns - part one

Running Facebook app install campaigns is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, know how and perseverance to meet your growth, efficiency and quality goals.

Here at Appnique we live and breathe UA campaigns on Facebook and other platforms, so we thought we’d distill some of our top tips for success in an easy-to-read eBook called “8 Must-Have Strategies for Killer Facebook App Install Campaigns”.

In the first of this three-part blog series, we’ll give you a taster of the eBook and some tips on probably the most important part of your campaign strategy--your audience. Let’s get going!

Just who exactly are you targeting?

Facebook has amazing targeting options, but if you don’t have a crystal-clear picture of your ideal user, you won’t be able to make the most of those filters. The good news--there are lots of places to get great audience intell, including app stores, third-party tools like Appnique’s Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology and your own data. So take the time to do your homework before launching your campaigns--you’ll be glad you did.

What exactly are trying to achieve?

Once you know who you’re after, you’ll need to set some concrete goals for your campaign, including how many users you want to acquire in what timeframe, how you’re going to pay (cost per install or cost for specific app event) and how you’re going to measure and optimize your campaign. The eBook will set you on the right track here with a goal setting framework and tips on metrics and measurement.

How do you master Facebook targeting?

With audience and goals in hand, it’s time to start actually building your audience, but what are your choices and what do you need to build custom and ‘lookalike’ audience segments? The eBook will get you on the road to mastering Facebook’s powerful targeting options.

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