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What Facebook's massive interest clean-up means for mobile user acquisition


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What's happening

Facebook is in the midst of a massive clean-up for interest targeting and it is likely impacting your app install campaigns.  This week, Appnique's ongoing monitoring and analysis uncovered that nearly 1/3 of Facebook interests have been invalidated.


While it is not unusual for Facebook to add and refresh their interests, a retraction of interests anywhere near this scale is unprecedented. With roughly 1 out of every 3 interests no longer delivering ads to audiences they once did, most campaigns are likely impacted by the clean-up effort and some campaigns may be taking a dramatic hit. 


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Actions you should take

In addition to audiences constantly shifting and evolving, ad platforms like Facebook are constantly changing. Major shifts like we witnessed this week from Facebook are rare, but taking a proactive approach to refreshing your targeting will keep you ahead of changes both large and small.  


1.) Refresh Facebook Interests to regain reach

It's more than likely that your interest-based campaigns have taken a hit. The question is, by how much? Review the current reach estimates for your interest-based campaigns in Ads Manager to determine the impact and begin refreshing your ad sets with new relevant interests. You may find a notification that some interests were invalidated, though it doesn't offer detail into specifically which interests were scrubbed from your campaign. If your reach has taken a significant impact, you may be best served starting over on a particular ad set to avoid big holes in your interest targeting.


2.) Make a plan to mitigate risk moving forward

Every dollar you spend on a campaign that doesn't target your complete audience represents a missed opportunity to optimize. Tools like Appnique make it quick and easy to identify new, relevant interests based on the audience segments that are most relevant and valuable for your app. If this week’s events are causing you a headache, and you're anxious to get your scale back in a quick and efficient way, contact us today and we can actually do it for you



Launch a new strategy

A great approach is to complement a lookalike audience (assuming you have a great seed audience) with an affinity-based strategy to interest targeting to add scale to your campaign without sacrficing ROAS.  Try our suite of mobile UA tools to analyze your install base or a competitors, build your audience, launch your campaign and optimize your targeting on the fly. 


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