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3 Mistakes App Marketers Make with Facebook Interest Audiences

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The app marketing space is polarized when it comes to interest targeting on Facebook. While many industry leaders in the gaming, shopping and mobile-first deals space are using interest audiences to scale campaigns and lower CPI, there are many app marketers that can’t seem to nail down the right formula.


Top 3 Interest Targeting Mistakes


1.) Relying on manual search or intuition

Taking a spray and pay approach is hugely inefficient, doesn’t get you where you need to go fast enough, and the logic that is informing which interests you select is probably also being considered by competitors in your category.

The result? You pay more to reach the same, limited set of users as everyone else and you don’t realize the scale that interest audiences promise.


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2.) Targeting the most common competitors

Targeting against competitor branded interests has the same challenges with interest targeting as it does with SEO and branded keywords: it’s expensive. Similar to the downside of relying on manual search and intuition, competitor interests have been bid up considerably and may not deliver the scale you need to begin with.

3.) Targeting competitors with too large of an install base

This is worth calling out separately from the point above because it’s somewhat counter-intuitive. If the install base of a competing app is too large, there isn’t enough discriminating power for your app to be more relevant than any other ad served against an audience. That leads to low response rates and a poorly performing app install campaign.

Try this mobile UA strategy instead 


To avoid the competition that comes with selecting competitive or topic based interests where competition is high, app marketers can build interest audiences based on affinity. By gleaning a better understanding of who is most likely to download an app based on demonstrated behavior (e.g. other apps downloaded), marketers can target a larger relevant audience and reach them at a lower cost. 


Appnique analyzes millions of affinity signals across app stores and the web to uncover clues about what users like, what they don’t and what app they are most likely to download next. By relying on actual data rather than judgement or a best guess, our tools are able to decrease CPI by as high as 50% and increase scale. 


Start with your own install base


The best place to start is by analyzing the install base of your own app to build a lookalike-style audience and reach them on Facebook.  We recently released our Appnique Express tool (demo below) which makes analyzing your install base (or any app for that matter) and creating your first affinity-based audience on Facebook easier than ever.  Watch our step-by-step directions on how to do this below and subscribe to a free 7-day trial and see how it works for yourself. 



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