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Converting Desktop Users to Mobile App Users with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

As consumers shift internet usage from desktop to mobile devices, many businesses are faced with the challenge of retaining these users as their consumption patterns change. In addition, app users are more deeply engaged with the brand than the equivalent mobile web user. As a recent Flurry study reported, Target stores have said it views “mobile as the new front door to Target”, and that mobile front door is increasingly in-app. In 2014 68% of time spent on Target mobile properties was in-app vs. web, up from 21% in 2013, according to Comscore

Facebook provides a really useful tool to help retail/ecommerce and other businesses accomplish this using Website Custom Audiences. To take advantage of this feature on Facebook,

  1. Go to Ads Manager and select the Audiences tab
  2. Then click on the Create Audience Button at top right
  3. From the drop down select Custom Audience
  4. You will have the option of uploading a list of e-mail addresses or phone numbers or importing the list from Mailchimp
  5. Save the audience and then use it to target a mobile app install campaign.


Keep in mind that since these users already have a relationship with your brand, they are more likely to respond to a mobile app install ad and re-engage on a mobile device. However, remember to clearly separate these custom audiences from other target groups so you have a clear picture of your real cost to acquire a truly NEW customer. See http://blog.appnique.com/ad-sets-view-improves-a/b-testing for how Appnique's reporting capabilities can help compare how different audiences perform.

To learn more about how Appnique can help you with implementing a robust Facebook Mobile User Acquisition strategy

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