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Appnique’s New Smart Keyword Discovery Tool Helps App Marketers Drive Volume And Quality Through Apple Search Ads and Google Play Search Campaigns.

REDMOND, WA – November 29, 2016 – Appnique, a leader in audience targeting for app marketers, today announced a major enhancement to the company’s successful Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology. Now, in addition to being able to build high-affinity precise interest groups for Facebook app install campaigns, app marketers can quickly discover a large volume of relevant keywords for their Apple Search Ads or Google Play search campaigns.

“Our unique keyword discovery technology has been a core background component of our Intelligent Audience Targeting platform since 2013. We are excited to now give app marketers direct access to the high-affinity keyword lists that have driven millions of quality app installs for our customers,” reported Appnique CEO, Jai Jaisimha. “Unlike other keyword discovery tools, Appnique has proven technology that allows marketers to discover unobvious app affinities that take search ad targeting to the next level.”

The extension of Appnique’s offering comes shortly after Apple announced the general availability of Apple Search Ads, giving app marketers the ability to now run paid search campaigns in both Apple’s app store and on Google Play.

The company’s technology helps app marketers find quality keywords for their app install search campaigns, by analyzing millions of data points to uncover user-affinity signals. Unstructured data sources, including app stores and social media platforms, are mined for keywords, and patent-pending algorithms marry those keywords with user behavior, such as installing or reviewing an app. This unique approach uncovers terms with high-affinity for the app being analyzed, helping app marketers increase the volume and quality of their app store search campaigns, while minimizing expensive trial and error.

“We’ve been using Appnique’s Smart Keyword Discovery tool for some time now in our Google Play search campaigns, and lately in Apple Search Ads. We’re very pleased with the volume and quality of traffic from both channels, and Appnique’s targeting has contributed to our growth and helped us win conversions across a wide range of search queries,” said Noah Godfrey, General Manager, Checkout 51 at News America Marketing.

In contrast to app store ‘screen-scraping’ keyword discovery utilities, Appnique’s solution is powered by sophisticated algorithms that factor in user intent and behavior. In addition, Appnique allows the marketer to target search traffic for all relevant apps - competitive, complementary or those from other app categories that appeal to the same audience.

“We have several years of conversion data to power our keyword suggestions, and our machine-learning capabilities mean that our ability to surface high-affinity search terms is constantly improving,” said Aloke Gupta, Appnique’s CTO. “We believe this, combined with our rich heritage in ASO, will give our customers an important head start, as they look to Apple Search Ads and Google Play search campaigns to grow their user base.”

Visit appnique.com for more information, or to schedule a demonstration of Appnique’s Smart Keyword Discovery tool.


Kim Carlson, Appnique VP, Revenue, kim@appnique.com

About Appnique

Appnique builds Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology that helps app marketers, make the most of their ad spend and find more of their best customers on Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google Play, Pinterest, AdColony, and other ad platforms. The company also offers Managed Performance campaign services for companies wishing to outsource their paid UA campaigns.

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