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Appnique Rolling Average View Enables Pricing Trend Analysis on Facebook Ads

While working with our clients, we found ourselves constantly looking back to see if a CPI spike for a specific Facebook Mobile App Install campaign was a short term blip or indicative of more fundamental long term trends. To make this task a lot easier, Appnique has recently introduced a simple but powerful new feature called the Rolling Average View. To see how this works, while viewing any UA Report, select the checkbox for 3-day and 7-day rolling averages. 

Here is an example of how you can understand the longer term trends affecting your campaign. First lets look at the daily CPI for this campaign:


You can see a lot of volatility in CPI around the Christmas Holiday week. Now select the 3-day moving average view:


The green line in the chart shows the trailing 3-day moving average of the CPI over the same date range. Now select the 7-day moving average check box:


The blue line shows longer term price trends in a way that minimizes the impact of day to day blips and helps you understand the long term trends affecting your campaign. From visual inspection of the chart, you can see that the CPI for this campaign was steady throughout the holiday season, dipped right after the start of the year and is now starting to return to the pre-holiday number. What is especially cool about this feature is that it lets you take the short, medium and long term view at the same time and lets you make more sensible decisions about spend allocation and pricing trends!

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