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Appnique Adds Customers, Enhances Its Unique  Mobile Audience Optimization Platform With New Features and Functionality

Clients Are Expanding Target Audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Google and Seeing An Up To 25% Increase In Long-Term Customer Value

REDMOND, WA – Feb. 25, 2016 – Appnique, the leading Mobile Audience Optimization Platform that identifies hidden affinity signals in textual data and matches advertisers to audiences, has seen its business grow dramatically in the last twelve months and added features and functionality to enhance the ability of marketers to dynamically create expanded target audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 



The enhancements enable users of the platform to quickly and efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Find non-obvious and unique audience targets based on affinities with highest purchase intent
  • Uncover brand affinities to purchase intent, moving beyond the app ecosystem
  • Expand affinity targeting to users on both iOS and Android to support a wide range of ad networks and supply sources without the need for Device ID data

With the app ecosystem constantly changing, Appnique helps marketers keep up with targeting the right audience dynamically and in real time. The company analyzes more than two million apps each day on both Apple’s iTunes and Google Play. It also scrapes and warehouses important data points including app reviews and install history to gain insights associated to a business’s app-in real time.

Among the benefits of Appnique’s targeting capability:

  • Appnique data mines the app stores, public websites and social media for connections between apps, brands, and purchase intent
  • The technology translates these connections into Facebook interests
  • Appnique uses collections of interests to build unique target audiences
  • The task requires no CRM/customer data or additional SDK

“Typically, interest and keyword audience research takes weeks of manual effort and substantial cost for experimentation,” said Appnique CEO Jai Jaisimha. “Appnique’s clients are finding efficient scale in minutes with the result being the identification of hard to find quality target audiences beyond custom audiences and lookalikes.”

The solution is being used by market leaders, including Fiksu, a mobile app marketing platform.

“We work with Appnique to augment our audience targeting on Facebook and Instagram, improving both scale and efficiency across our portfolio of clients. Appnique’s Audience Optimization platform provides a unique, non-Device-ID-based layer of audience enrichment data that reveals valuable app audience affinities,” said Eric Puterbaugh, VP of Business Development, Fiksu.

“In campaigns across a range of our clients, Appnique data has improved downstream metrics like cost per registration and cost per purchaser up to 25% when compared to non-audience campaigns.”

Others are seeing positive results as well.

“We’ve had several consecutive months of success with Appnique’s Audience Optimization platform,” said Michael Chisholm, User Acquisition Manager for SKOUT, a global, mobile network for meeting new people. “Appnique’s unique audience creation technology, based on dynamic App Store text analytics to find app audience affinities, continues to provide incremental scale and efficiency across Facebook and Instagram.

“Appnique truly brings a different approach to audience targeting!”

Said Jerome Turnbull, Senior Marketing Manager at Machine Zone:

“Appnique’s tool is a quick and efficient way for us to expand our targeting set, extend reach and find non-obvious audience segments.  Appnique provides a unique, intuitive approach to audience extension, we’ve yet to see elsewhere in the market.”

About Appnique

Appnique is a platform for product managers and marketers to market mobile apps through optimized and targeted mobile app install campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other networks. Appnique offers the Appnique Facebook Audience Optimization Platform – a self-service tool that is powered by the Facebook Marketing (Ads) API  – and managed services for teams looking to scale their internal capability.


Kim Carlson, Appnique VP, Revenue, kim@appnique.com

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