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Apple Search Ads expanding to new markets

This post is part of an ongoing series helping app marketers drive scale and increase ROI through keyword and Facebook interest targeting. Download our free ebook or connect with us directly

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What's Happening

Riding the wave of enthusiasm among app marketers following a successful launch, Apple Search Ads are expanding to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Apple's ad product has been well received by app marketers who have lauded it's high conversion rates and CPI averaging around $1.

Questions remain what the impact will be as more app marketers scale their adoption of the product and competitors within common categories escalate bids. We'll be keeping a close eye on average CPI.

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Take Advantage of Low CPI

While it's anyone's guess whether Apple Search Ads low average CPI will remain this compelling, the opportunity to rapidly acquire quality users inexpensively is there for the taking. Download our eBook: How to Scale Your Apple Search Ad Campaigns to get enhance an existing campaign, or successfully launch a new one. 


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