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Couple AEO and Facebook Interest Targeting For Big Impact


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What's the big deal?

There is a constant push and pull that mobile UA marketers have to wrestle with between scale and ROAS. Generally speaking, tactics with high ROAS are limited in their ability to scale (e.g. Apple Search Ads) and often when you are able to achieve scale, audience begins to dilute (as is the case with Facebook Lookalikes).


The question becomes how to strike the right balance.  Fortunately, a recent case study from Facebook about Zynga's combination of a smart Facebook Interest selection and App Event Optimization, could be the answer mobile UA marketers have been looking for. 



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Zynga recently enjoyed huge success scaling acquisition for it's "Spin it Rich" game by combining app event optimization (AEO) with a smart approach to interest targeting.

Zynga's approach drove impressive results, including an 80% increase in ROAS and a 2.5X increase in first deposit rate for the slots game.


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Why this approach works

As app marketing has evolved from a focus on installation to ROI, there is a healthy tension between targeting a broad enough audience to hit ambitious growth targets without diluting targeting too much. By leveraging the breadth of interest targeting and optimizing for revenue-driving events, UA marketers can achieve a great balance.


Interest Targeting Generates Scale

Interest targeting, if done right, can add strong incremental scale where lookalike audiences begin to decline in efficacy (2% and above). We recommend an affinity-based approach to interest selected which is grounded in objective data which Appnique provides, and not random guesses, to launch a campaign similar to Zynga's with the right collection of interests.


Facebook AEO Algorithm Optimizes for ROI

Once you have a qualified segment of users based on an affinity-based interest segmentation strategy, Facebook's AEO algorithm works systematically to target based on which users are likely to make in-app purchases. It's this step that fuels the ROAS and taps the potential from rich audience segmentation.  


Try this strategy for yourself

The first step to emulating this approach from Zynga is building out the right audience segments. Appnique's self-serve tools make it easy to build lookalike-style audiences based on your app install base or a competitors, and mapping them back to precise Facebook Interests so you can target them immediately. Next, optimize your campaign for revenue-driving events and watch your ROAS climb without sacrificing scale. 



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