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Couple AEO and Facebook interest targeting for big impact

Posted by Jeanette Mifsud

09 February 2017

This post is part of an ongoing series helping app marketers drive scale and increase ROI through keyword and Facebook interest targeting. Download our free ebook or connect with us directly

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What's the big deal?

Generating app installs might have been enough yesteryear, but now it's all about ROI. That means attracting more of your best users. That begins with targeting, but what happens after the install is just as important. 

A recent case study from Facebook cited impressive gains from combining app event optimization (AEO) with interest targeting--a best practice that we've been recommending for some time.

Gaming giant Zynga optimized their campaign around a purchase event, which combined with carefully honed interest targeting drove impressive results, including an 80% increase in ROAS and a 2.5X increase in first deposit rate for the slots game.

Combine AEO with interest targeting 

AEO is an easy option to implement for app marketers who have installed Facebook's SDK, and one that we encourage our clients to do.

Many app marketers have yet to take advantage of this option and are also unaware of the potential of Facebook interest targeting. Marrying the two together can pack a great one, two punch, as we've seen firsthand with our clients, and like the Facebook case study clearly demonstrates.

But while doing AEO is straightforward, mastering interest targeting can be tricky. With hundreds of thousands of interests to target, the key to success is in finding the ones that are relevant to your app.

How Appnique can help

This is precisely what our technology helps you do. We start by analyzing your app, or a competitive or related one, and use smart algorithms to mine millions of unstructured data points across app stores and the web.

Through this analysis, we uncover related keywords that drive desirable action, like installs and marry those keywords to Facebook interests. The result is a volume of precise interests with high-affinity to your app from which you can build high-performance audience segments--all without the need for IDFAs or other personalized data points.

Get started yourself

Our recent eBook is a great first step for experienced app marketers that want to enhance new or existing campaigns. 


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