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Announcing our managed service for paid user acquisition

Organic app store SEO (ASO) is a very effective way to acquire new users for your mobile app. We’ve proven that with many mobile apps which are using Appnique improve their rank in the app stores, both within the Apple iTunes App Store and with the Google Play app store.

However, over the past 6 months or so,  we have been evaluating the challenges facing app marketers who are trying to complement their ASO efforts with paid app marketing. or paid user acquisition (UA). 

Challenges for app marketers

In search of better ROI, app marketers typically focus on minimizing up-front acquisition costs, while trying to maximize monetization from the resulting users. Frequently these goals are in opposition to each other, and we realized that a balanced approach is what is necessary.

At a more granular level, the underlying challenges for app marketers are in two main areas:

  • Which ad networks to use to promote their apps?

  • How to get the best results from each network?

How Appnique can help

We realized that our algorithms and ability to mine the app store could be potentially helpful in making these challenges a lot easier to deal with - especially in the area of getting the best results from networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Facebook google twitter

Our hypothesis was that we could impact ROI by both:

  • reducing the cost per install through better targeting and,

  • measuring and optimizing campaigns across networks to drive the most user engagement

We tested these approaches with a number of customers and were able to repeatedly produce the best ROI. Having confidently proven this, we are now officially rolling our managed service out to the market.

Great results with our managed paid UA campaigns

Here are a couple of examples of how this has worked:

  • App Developer A - an emerging game publisher in the social gaming space - was able to reduce its Facebook CPI by 30%, and the LTV of the resulting users was such that they were on a path to breaking even on monetization over a much shorter period

  • App Developer B - a powerhouse in the digital media space - was able to complement its internal efforts and achieve a CPI on Facebook substantially lower than its CPI on other networks

  • App Developer C - a company in the consumer shopping space - was able to attract target users at an effective CPI and then substantially lower it again as a result of creative, targeting and other optimizations from Appnique

In some cases, our efforts have helped to combine the efforts across the mobile app marketing and the UA team, especially in larger brands and agencies.

Integrated Flurry and HasOffers reporting

How many times have you been approached by a user acquisition service/network only to learn that you have to include yet another SDK in your app? Appnique delivers best in class performance with the tools you already know, love and use - NO NEW SDKs required!

With our integrated support for Flurry and Mobile App Tracking from HasOffers, we are able to track campaign attribution and user engagement, as well as optimize campaigns to achieve your desired ROI goals.

HasOffers-Logo Flurry

Building on our pre-existing support for collecting and reporting on your app store download data from iTunes or Google, Appnique can understand, report and act on your behalf using all the relevant data sources.

Paid acquisition drives organic lift

With both iTunes and Google Play, more downloads also means higher organic search rank, and a higher rank means better organic discoverability. A burst from a targeted paid campaign can increase the rank, and the follow-on organic lift from better app discoverability can keep that app in the high ranks. Providing the reviews and ratings are tracked and maintained at a high level, the app can sustain a high rank for a long period of time.

Further ad campaigns can be flighted to boost the rank, but it’s not a requirement if the reviews are positive. We  track these app ratings and reviews, (as well as those of your competitors), and can alert you if you need to make changes to your app. 

Through optimized targeting we can tune the ad spend so that a mutually agreed upon performance metric can be met, optimizing the yield cross-network.

Learn more. Let us launch a paid campaign for you.

Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can launch a paid campaign for your mobile app. We’ll sit down with you, and step through a process for auditing your app, building a comprehensive UA plan, launching the campaign, optimizing the campaign and then reviewing the results, before deciding on next steps.

We start with a test campaign and we go from there. We know we can exceed your expectations.

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