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Rapid User Acquisition

News, tips and ideas on accelerating growth for apps and brands. 

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A Growth Mindset for Mobile User Acquisition


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What’s happening

Growth marketing is changing. As digital experiences become more sophisticated, consumers are expecting more and organizations are being challenged to keep pace. The good news is that app marketers are innovating to keep up. Unfortunately, acquisition and retention teams are doing so independently in silos and it's having some negative consequences.


As the app economy has matured from innovation to a focus on ROI, org models haven’t evolved to accommodate a customer journey that really just begins with an install.  The lack of a holistic approach that spans acquisition and retention results in disjointed experiences for users that increases churn and lowers lifetime value of a given users. 


Impact on app marketers


Without a holistic approach to app marketing that considers the customer experience from acquisition through to advocacy, marketers at every stage of the funnel are spending more time, effort and dollars than they need to and the business is suffering for it -  here’s why:


Missed opportunities to “close the loop”

The users that satisfy metrics immediately after download aren’t always the most valuable from an ROI perspective. Delivering the right insight from nurture teams back to acquisition helps both groups optimize against the most valuable users, not just short term growth.


What gets a user through the door should be used to keep them there

Acquisition methodology is not always obvious. The reason a user was targeted, especially in an organization that is constantly finding new segments to satisfy growth goals, vary significantly from one campaign to another. Just as insight from the nurture team can be leveraged upstream, insight into why a given user was acquired should inform how they should be reengaged.


What to do about it

To exceed the expectations of today’s consumer,  marketers need to think holistically about the user journey from acquisition through nurture and ideally to advocacy.  In our Acquisition to Advocacy webinar, we discuss how to do this in detail. Here are a few best practices to consider.


Focus on high value personas

Sometimes the user profile that satisfies early post-install metrics, doesn’t align with who ends up being the most valuable customer. Make sure acquisition targeting is considering learnings about who delivers the most ROI as soon as possible.


Use affinity-based insights to inform creative

Hidden affinities that tools like Appnique uncover can be the key to producing creative that jumps off the screen. Remember, consumers are bombarded with ads all day, every day. Tapping into something deeper than a shallow call to action can be a difference maker for your campaign.


Carry creative themes through from acquisition to nurture

If someone came over for chocolate chip cookies, they might not stick around if all you’re serving is frozen yogurt. There should be constant communication between acquisition and retention teams regarding why a group was targeted and which creative was most effective in driving action.


Learn user acquisition & retention strategies

Join myself and Paul Brody, the Chief Product Officer at CleverTap as we discuss what it takes to drive rapid acquisition and retention of high value users in today’s app marketplace.It is sure to be a great discussion leaving you with strategies you can use right away on your existing campaigns as well as an opportunity to engage further if you want some help from one or both of our teams.



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