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5 Surprisingly Extinct Facebook Interests

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Last week, Appnique quantified what many growth marketers saw evidence of with their campaigns: roughly a third of all Facebook interests had been invalidated.


Since then, that number has risen to nearly half based on our data and it would appear they aren’t coming back: a large number of previously invalidated interests (meaning they were still in the system, but weren’t available for use with targeting) have been deleted from Facebook all together. 


The clean-up effort from Facebook includes many of the obscure interests you might expect, but some surprising redactions might be making an impact on your campaigns. Topic interests like “Strategy Game” (111 million reach) and “fighting game” (60 million reach) are examples of interests that could be hurting gaming app UA efforts across the board, but for this exercise we’re focusing on app-related interests that are most likely to be present in your targeting.


If you suspect you may have interests that have been invalidated or deleted, but don’t know which ones we can help. Our Facebook Interest Diagnostic tool gives you a view into how every interest is performing in a given ad set so you can see which ones deliver the best ROAS and which ones need to be replaced.


Call of Duty



With a combined reach of over 350 million (note: this is combined, not unique reach), variations on Call of Duty titles have been eliminated from Facebook Interest targeting. Call of Duty has had multiple prominent titles resulting in dozens possible Facebook Interests, many of which still exist.


Identifying which interests are and are not delivering audience is impossible if they are buried in an ad set. Appnique’s Interest Diagnostic tool gives you insight into how every interest in a given ad set is performing so you can immediately identify which ones are underperforming or no longer valid.   


Here are a few examples of CoD-related interests to remove and replace in your ad sets if you are targeting against Call of Duty:


Facebook Interest


cod black ops


cod modern warfare 2


call duty modern warefare 2


cod mw2


cod 6


modern warfare 2


modern warfare two


call duty modern warfare2





Vonvon is a popular avatar creator that has made it’s way onto many-a-smartphone. With a reach of over 200 million, “Vonvon” is the single largest interest we’ve seen scrubbed from the Facebook Interest database.



 Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.07.11 AM.png


If you are driving acquisition for a social media or video-related app, musical.ly is probably on your radar. With a unique reach of almost 34 million, it will take an affinity-based approach to regaining audience lost with the extinction of this interest if you have it in an ad set.



Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.14.00 AM.png

Another social darling, Retrica previously packed a punch to the tune of over 33 million in reach. Have this in your current ad set? According to our analysis, try replacing it with “Selfie Stick” or “Crop” (as in photo cropping) to reach users with similar affinity.   

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 Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.21.13 AM.png


This was one of the biggest surprises we uncovered in our initial glance at the data. With over 13 million reach, the OfferUp interest is likely in every one of its competitors’ ad sets.


Curious what has gone extinct in your category?

We’re currently working with clients to quickly identify and replace extinct interests with new high-affinity replacements to optimize every dollar they invest to acquire their best users. If you’d like help doing the same, sign up for a free consultation so your campaigns don’t miss a step.


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