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August 2015 Newsletter


Appnique Announces Managed Service for Mobile User Acquisition Adds Support for New Platforms - Now Including Twitter and Google

Appnique officially announced it's support for new advertising platforms list last month.  Appnique, the pioneer in App store text analytics and precise audience targeting for mobile advertisers, announced today that they have added additional media platform partners where their proprietary and patent pending precise targeting capabilities are applied. “We’ve seen tremendous success and have been delighting our customers with our targeting and optimization capabilities on Facebook. We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering our audience targeting layer to clients who wish to improve ROI on Twitter and Google” said CEO Jai Jaisimha. “Appnique’s proprietary precise interest selection mechanism has proven extremely successful in expanding audience reach and delivering predictable and improved ROI. These capabilities now have expanded applicability through Twitter's Mobile App Promotion Ad targeting and on Google's Search, Display and Youtube channels. As planned, our services are expanding with our announcement today and we’re on track for future media platform expansion later this year.”

Check out the full Press Release here 

How to develop an effective entertainment creative on Facebook

With extensive experience in running ads for gaming companies, as well as working as a creative producer,  Appnique's Director of Ad Ops has created a new eBook on tips and tricks to help ensure that Facebook ads campaigns have a better shot at being successful.  Incorporating these ideas can help to improve your metrics from click through rate (CTR) to Facebook relevance scores, producing an ad that is overall more effective in getting your application noticed.


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Appnique welcomes their newest data scientist, Dan Hendrick, to the team


Dan’s expertise lies in the areas of data science and machine learning. He came to Appnique from Nuance where he helped create the Nuance Voice Ads product that combines voice recognition and natural language understanding to support interactive mobile ad units. Prior to Nuance, Dan held a variety of research and development roles at Medio Systems, AOL, Microsoft as well as several smaller startup companies. Dan holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Oregon.




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